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Small Android app that reformat the display name of your contacts to: lastname, firstname.

Displaynames screenshot

This can be usesful when syncing with MS Outlook.

As usual: Use at your own risk!!

Languages: English and German
OS: Android 2.1 and higher

Download Download Displaynames

PAW Server for Android

PAW Server for Android Screenshot The new generation of mobile phones like the Google Android or the Apple iPhone is so powerful that they can be used to handle more complex tasks than the mobile phones before.
The amount of memory and processing power enables them to do things formerly done by desktop computers, like running servers and services.

PAW is much more than a simple proxy web-filter. Due to it's underlying Brazil Web Application Framework from SUN Microsystems it can be used as a Web Application Server.
Originally Brazil was designed for small devices running web services. The basic Brazil application stack has as a result a very small footprint.

PAW in addition provides easier configuration and a management interface which makes the configuration of the server an easy task.

The server part of PAW has been ported to the Android platform and extended in the respect, that it can run dynamic web applications written in Java without the need to generate Google specific Dalvic Bytecode and enables a developer to access the functionality of the phone.

Change Phone Wallpaper Demo (Old version 0.12)

Paw Server for Android is now available on the Android Market.
qc code
A support site is available at

Languages: English and German
Programming language: Java
OS: Android
Version: 0.16

Installation Instructions PAW Server on Android Installation Instructions
Download Download PAW Server APK File  Download Download SdCard Content 

Nvclock Brightness

Small frontend for the nvclock application, which provides brightness control for Nvidia cards on Linux.

NvclockBrightness screenshot

On Ubuntu nvclock can be installed by running sudo apt-get install nvclock from a shell.

Languages: English and German
Requirements: nvclock has to be installed
Programming language: Java
OS: Linux

Download Download NvclockBrightness v0.1 

FLVConvert flvconvert

FLVConvert Screenshot
This small tool converts FLV Flash videos to MP3 and Video DVD.

It was developed and tested on Ubuntu Linux and is unlikely to run on MS Windows but should run on Unix/Linux systems.
The following software is required on your system:

  • ffmpeg
  • libavcodec-unstripped-51 (or higher)
  • mp3gain
  • dvdauthor
  • genisoimage

Usage is quite simple.

Download FLV files (e.g. from Youtube) and drag&drop them into FLVConvert.
FLV download extensions for Firefox can be found at
In addition to FLV files, MPEG files are also supported as input.
After that, specify the output format (MP3/DVD), the output directory and press the start button.

The following output is generated (depending on the output options):

MP3 output

mp3/Folder containing volume adjusted MP3 files

Video DVD output

mpeg/Folder containing converted MPEG files
dvd/Folder containing converted DVD structure (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories)
dvd.imgVideo DVD ISO image

After conversion the MP3 files and the Video DVD ISO image can be burned to CD/DVD.

Languages: English and German
Programming Language: Java (Java 1.6 or higher required)
OS: Unix / Linux

Download Download FLVConvert v0.25

DeskView Jars rating

DeskView Screenshot
DeskView is a remote desktop application.

It consists of a client and server part which are available as applet or stand-alone applications.

The communication is entirely done through HTTP, which allows communication through proxy servers.
If your PC is located behind a proxy, please use the applet version.

Languages: English and German
Programming language: Java

For more details have a look at the DeskView page.

More information about PHP Perl Wrapper DeskView Quickstart Guide
Download Download DeskViewServer   Download Download DeskViewClient

Fructose Rechner german

Fructose Rechner Screenshot
Da ich selber unter Fructosemalabsorbtion leide, möchte ich mir die Zubereitung meines Essens erleichtern. Die fructosearmen bzw. fructosefreien Produkte (nicht viele) kennt man schnell auswendig. Aber nur zu gerne möchte man hier und da auf die Nahrungsmittel zurückgreifen, die jeder andere Mensch folgenlos konsumieren kann. Um genau diese Leckereien wieder in den Speiseplan einbauen zu können und die "Folgen" steuern zu können, dazu habe ich dieses Tool entwickelt.

Die Daten der ersten Version stammen aus frei zugänglichen Tabellen im Internet - sie beruhen nicht auf eigenen Erfahrungswerten smile

Sobald ich Fehler oder Ergänzungsbedarf sehe, werde ich das Tool entsprechend anpassen.

Also, haltet die Ohren steif! Was uns nicht umbringt, das kann uns doch nur härter machen!

Viele Grüße

Applikation starten Applikation starten   Download Download Fructose Rechner


ScreenView displays the screen of a computer running ScreenView server on multiple ScreenView clients.
This is done by multicasting the server screen over the network.
Supported features on the client are fullscreen mode and the ability to take screenshots.

ScreenView Screenshot

Languages: English and German
Programming language: Java

For technical details have a look at the article "Multicasting Images with Java". 

The server supports command line arguments for silent startup:

Usage: java -jar ScreenViewServer.jar     
	ip: IP number
	port: Port number
	scaling: Screen scaling (10 - 100)
	interval: Send interval in secs (0 - 10)
	network quality: Network quality (1 - 8)
	ip: Network quality (1 - 8)
	mouse: Show mouse cursor (true/false)

Example: java -jar ScreenViewServer.jar 2753 30 2 8 false

Download Download ScreenViewServer v0.2.5    Download Download ScreenViewClient v0.2.0 


Very small tool which moves the mouse every 10 seconds if inactive.
Handy to keep the screensaver from startig.
The application is displayed as icon inside the System Tray.

MouseMover Animation

Languages: English and German
Requirements: System Tray must be available.
Programming language: Java

Download Download MouseMover v0.1 

Ca$h - JavaScript Game

Ca$h Screenshot

Ca$h is a JavaScript clone of one of the games included in the Nintendo DS game Dr Kawashima's Brain Training.
A screenshot of the original game can be viewed here.

The game can be played online (click image to play) or downloaded.

Available languages: German and English

Supported browsers: Firefox Opera Safari Seamonkey Galeon Konqueror
Programming language: JavaScript

Download Download Ca$h 

Cron - Cronjobs with PHP and Perl

Cron screenshotCron jobs are a convenient way to process programs and scripts at a given time.

Unfortunately most Web Hosters don't allow cron jobs espeacially with low cost Web Hosting solutions.
Although Cron may not be allowed Perl is likely to be installed on Unix based web servers.

This Cron version starts a Perl script as daemon which processes a Crontab file each minute.
The crontab is in standard Cron format.

Requirements on Server:
Unix/Linux Server with installed PHP and Perl.

- Does not handle ! and > or < in cron entries.
- In case of a server reboot Cron will not automatically start.

Security issues:
It is advisable to secure the Cron page by using a .htaccess file.

Just unzip the file in a server directory of your choice.
Open the URL http://<your domain>/<installation path>/cron/setup.php in your browser.

The setup page will check if all requirements are met and configure Cron.

After successful installation you can start the Cron daemon.

Programming language: Perl and PHP

Download Download Cron v0.2 

PHP Perl Wrapper - AWStats

Perlwrapper AWStats
AWStats is a widely used Web Site Statistic Tool.

AWStats is written in Perl and therefore requires a website with Perl CGI support. On low cost hosting sites Perl CGI scripts are often not available but Perl might be installed if the provider is running Unix based webservers.

This is a slightly modified version of AWStat that runs by using the PHP Perl Wrapper. It will run on web servers with installed PHP and on which Perl is available.

Just unpack the ZIP file and do the normal AWStats setup. After that AWStats can be run by typing http://<your domain>/<path to awstats dir>/wwwroot/cgi-bin/awstats.php in your browser.

Programming language: Perl and PHP
Update: Google Chrome Google Chrome added

Download Download AWStats 6.8 More information about PHP Perl Wrapper More information about PHP Perl Wrapper

ScreenCam - Screen Cam Tool

Get the Flash Player to see this player.
ScreenCam Video
ScreenCam creates screencasts in Quicktime and if ffmpeg is installed also in FLV format.
The FLV format makes it easy to include the created movie into web pages.

It is possible to capture fullscreen or to select a region for capture and  scale the captured images.
After the recording is complete all caputred images are displayed and unwanted images can be deleted.

Language support: English and German

The application can be run by double-clicking on the ScreenCast.jar file.

If that does not work you can open a console, switch to the installation director and type java -jar ScreenCast.jar.

Programming language: Java

Download Download ScreenCam v0.2  View Tutorial View Tutorial

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